Cookie Policy

(Last reviewed on 15 January 2020)

Customs Software Europe AB (Reg. No. 559106-6898) (“AXCS”) uses cookies in order to offer services via our website (“Website”). The following text contains more information about what a cookie is, what type of cookies AXCS uses, what they do and how you can choose to allow or reject the use of cookies.


What a cookie is

A cookie is a small text file that can be used to store information about a website. The cookie is used to improve your experience when using the website and allow the use of various functions. If you accept the use of cookies when visiting a website, cookies will be sent to your browser and stored on your device.


How and why we use cookies

AXCS uses cookies on its Website to enable a visitor to use offered services, to optimise the visitor experience while visiting and for improving the Website.

AXCS uses the following types of cookies at the Website:

  • Strictly necessary – for the function of remembering where you are on the webpage, without cookies this function will not work;
  • Functional – for the function of recognising your device, log-in details, your preferences, uphold a secure visit while logged-in, so that you don’t have to give the same information several times;
  • Analytic and Performance ­– for the function of counting the number of visitors and the visitors use of offered services, to simplify and improve the Website’s performance and the visitor experience;
  • Traffic log – for the function of charting the Website visit and viewed pages, to personalise the Website design for the visitor.

Some cookies, for example session cookies, used by the Website will be saved temporarily on your device while visiting and disappears when you close your browser. Others, for example functional cookies, will be saved on your device for some time until they expire and then will be automatically deleted.


Links to other websites

The Cookie Policy is only valid for AXCS Website. However, the Website may contain links to other websites which has their own cookie policies. Please read such cookie policy for the website in question before proceeding.


Blocking and managing cookies

You can choose to accept or deny the Website’s use of cookies. Please note, that some functions at the Website will not work as expected, or at all, if you choose to deny the use of cookies during your visit.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, want your computer to ask for your acceptance each time a cookie is about to be stored, wish to delete a previously placed cookie or adjust your cookie settings, please click “Help” in your browser menu for more information and instructions.

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Privacy Policy

For more information how we handle your date, please read our Privacy Policy.


More information and contacting the supervisory authority

If you want to find out more about cookies or wish to file a complaint regarding AXCS information or use of cookies at the Website, please contact the supervisory authority, The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (“PTS”) at;

Webpage regarding cookie information;
Phone: +46 8 678 55 00
Postal address: PTS, Box 5398, SE-102 49 Stockholm, Sweden


Cookie Policy updates

AXCS reviews its Cookie Policy when needed and updates will be posted on the Website.


Questions and contacting AXCS

If you have questions about AXCS information or use of cookies on the Website, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Phone: +46 20 554 554
Postal address: AXCS, Norra Gubberogatan 32 , 416 63 Göteborg, Sweden